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All classes are outdoors, subject to the weather. Start on ANY week (space permitting) and attend for 5 classes. Each class is a duration of five weeks

You must call (516)-492-4837or e-mail to register!


To register for this class your pup must be 5 months+ old.

This class is designed to help you through positive reward training, to lay down a foundation of trust and to create a special bond with your pup.

You’ll learn the skills to communicate with your dog effectively. This includes using cues to catch your dog’s attention and keep them focused. These methods are based on rewarding and motivating your dogs for good behavior,  learning to read their body language and how to respond to all their needs appropriately.

We will cover: sit, down, stay, recall, drop It, leave it, loose leash walking, house manners and problem solving.

Working in a group setting is fun and effective, giving you and your dog the opportunity to socialize and learn good behavior around others.

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