"Thank you so much for the care and love you showed in training Callie! From the moment she started with GR Pet Services we knew we made the right choice in Dog trainers! We also are so thankful for the boarding service. We went on vacation knowing Callie was going to enjoy her vacation as well! And she did - She is looking forward to staying with GR Pet Services again."


"Molly was just turning three months old when Guillermo became her teacher. At our first session he asked me what my goal was regarding her training. I answered with enormous pride, "I would like Molly to become a therapy dog and I want you to be her handler." I additionally asked: "Is she too young to begin?" He didn't hesitate answering: "Molly is ready to begin training now and I would be honored to become her handler." Guillermo's training techniques were flawless: consistent correction and praise instructed in a quiet and loving manner. Molly not only successfully learned but she fell in love. Of course, as he predicted, she passed the therapy dog certification testing with flying colors. AND - to boot, she was only a year and a half old. As I watch Guillermo and Molly bring such " heartfelt joy " to those at Covenant House, visiting young adults in such despair, I can't help but falling in love wit him as-well."


"If you love your dog and want to give him or her the best experience in boarding this is the place to go! My dog Oliver goes to Guillermo’s to sleep over once a week and anytime we go away. I’ve had dogs in the past and never thought to board them because I didn’t want them to get sad or depressed while I was away. Now that I found GR Pet Services and learned how wonderful they are with all the dogs that stay with them, I have a second home for Oliver where he will be treated like he is one of the family. I see how happy Oliver is when he sees Patricia and Guillermo. Patricia sends me videos of how much fun Oliver has while he’s there. I truly feel relaxed and comforted that Oliver is in good hands while I’m away. Another great benefit while Oliver stays at Guillermo’s is that he gets trained. He practices his good behavior skills so that when he gets back home, he has even better listening skills. I am very grateful to both Guillermo and Patricia for all the love and devotion they give to each and every dog they take care of. I’m very lucky I found them and Oliver definitely is too! So again, if you love your dog don’t take him anywhere else but to GR Pet Services."


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